Pigmentation Lightening and Brightening Treatment
15 June 2023

For: Fading Pigmentation

Effect: Lightens Dark Spots, Fades Pigmentation, Brightens The Skin And Encourages Even Skin Tone.


  • Deep cleansing, removes build-up of dead skin on the surface of the skin.
  • Ultrasonic scrubber exfoliates the skin and draws out excess oil and impurities with high-frequency vibrations.
  • Use of radio frequency device where our Kskin Proprietary Brightening and Pigmentation Lightening Cream is applied onto face.
  • Application of Illuminating and Vitamin C Serum to achieve a radiant glow.
  • A quick blast of highly concentrated oxygen to aid serum absorption.
  • Finish off by applying moisturiser and protective sunscreen following by a relaxing facial massage to end the facial.