It is formulated with a sebum control complex that helps purify the skin and resolve acne concerns. It contains Photo Marine Extract, a key ingredient when it comes to dealing against acne. It acts as a natural protector and helps retain optimal skin moisture, leaving the skin feeling refreshed, cleansed and purified.


Experience the power of our specially crafted formula, designed with a sebum control complex that’s a game-changer in the battle against acne concerns. Featuring the remarkable Photo Marine Extract, a key ingredient renowned for its acne-fighting properties, this product is your ultimate ally for purifying the skin.

This natural protector not only tackles acne but also helps maintain the skin’s optimal moisture levels. The result? A refreshed, thoroughly cleansed, and purified complexion that leaves you feeling revitalized and ready to face the world confidently. Say hello to clearer, healthier skin with every use.


Size; 150ml

Ingredients: Aqua / Water, Niacinamide, Fomes Officinalis Extract, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Aesculus Hippocastanum (Horse Chestnut) Seed Extract, Yeast Extract, Salicylic Acid, Plankton Extract

Why you’ll love this product

  1. Clears acne pimples and blackheads caused by impurities.
  2. Helps prevent new acne and allows skin to heal.
  3. Maintains the skin barrier and leaves skin feeling comfortable.
  4. Helps clear acne breakouts.

How to use

Apply every morning and evening, smooth over damp face and neck. Massage in circular motions to dissolve impurities. Rinse off with tepid water. Tone and pat dry. Follow with day or night skin care regimen.